2015, Thus far.

It ha only been here a month and half, but it has started off with a bang and its not slowing down.

This past weekend, Valentines day,  i was bridesmaid in a friends wedding. The wedding had 7 bridesmaids and was held at the church that i attended when i was growing up. It was very nostalgic being there again to celebrate such a such a big event. It reminded of first communion, confirmation and other events that were held there over the years of growing up.  It was a beautiful day, very cold, but everything still went according to plan and no major complications. I cant wait to see the photos that were taken.

That said, between other birthdays, celebrations, get togethers, i feel like i haven’t hardly had a quiet weekend in a very long time. So this weekend, that is my goal.

Lots of netflix, movies, and buca di beppo. I cant wait!

<3, Laura


My First Post

Hello all anyone,

Thank you for stopping by my site. This is my first blog and only blog. Part of my new years resolution is to expand my knowledge on websites and design. And, Im excited to explore how this works! My purpose of the site is to better get to know and understand all that the blog sites has to offer! Im hoping this will help me with the world of coding and site design as well as with my writing! My content in each post will be writing as well as one photoshopped image with a new skill.

My goal is to write at least 3 paragraphs once a week. They will more than likely just recap my week, an event, or just a post of a random something that is on my mind. Im not a great writer, lets make that clear, but to improve on that, one must practice.  So here goes.

Thank you all for stopping by and bear with me while work on making this site interesting and personal. Have a great week!

❤ Laura