2015, Thus far.

It ha only been here a month and half, but it has started off with a bang and its not slowing down.

This past weekend, Valentines day,  i was bridesmaid in a friends wedding. The wedding had 7 bridesmaids and was held at the church that i attended when i was growing up. It was very nostalgic being there again to celebrate such a such a big event. It reminded of first communion, confirmation and other events that were held there over the years of growing up.  It was a beautiful day, very cold, but everything still went according to plan and no major complications. I cant wait to see the photos that were taken.

That said, between other birthdays, celebrations, get togethers, i feel like i haven’t hardly had a quiet weekend in a very long time. So this weekend, that is my goal.

Lots of netflix, movies, and buca di beppo. I cant wait!

<3, Laura